We are pioneer in the domain of information and data privacy management services, we offer extensive training programs, we help our clients with their impact assessments (PIA) , advisory on changing privacy law & policy making. We can be your “one stop shop” for all your information privacy related consultation and implementation projects, from the inception of Data Flow Mapping to , review and change in your business contracts , you can engage us.



We have devloped a unique framework that blends Agile Devlopment  & Privacy By Design (PbD) , since in today’s dynamic business environment, corporation’s intangible assets such as customers, systems and business process information is  the formula of competitive advantage. Concern for data privacy has resulted in a growing array of guidance and regulation that address issues such as what information can be collected, how the data should be stored, how and where information can be transmitted, what security practices must be followed and the actions required in the event of a data breach.
PV privacy management  solution examines information privacy and data protection solutions in the context of multinational business with a particular focus on European Union requirements as they apply both in the EU itself, and across other jurisdictions with potentially conflicting regulations.


Privacy Virtuoso Advisory LLP

Conceptualized in Jan 2014, with its presence in various Indian cities, Privacy Virtuoso Advisory LLP (PV) we are a Information Privacy Management Group , that delivers a unified approach to addressing data risk through a unique combination of service offerings.

We bring industries-leading expertise in Information Security, Data privacy and Risk Management , hence giving companies everything they need to plan to stay complained and competitive .

We help our clients in  managing privacy compliance by building their own comprehensive privacy program. While our team is expert in developing  global strategy and processes to address a wide range of privacy risks, we engage our clients to avoid cookie cutter approach

PV Data Privacy Consultant are responsible for providing services related to a broad range of privacy disciplines, including compliance assessments, program design and policy development. Our engagement model allows us to work both on-site and off-site to evaluate client compliance with common industry standards and regulations. Our consultants have working knowledge of federal and state privacy rules and regulations, modern technological and privacy strategies. 

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