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In recent years, there has been a clear shift in the threats an organisation faces. While malicious outsiders are still rife and using sophisticated methods to try and target businesses, a large proportion of data breaches occur because of human error. According to IBM, this is the cause of 95 per cent of security incidents. Hence, data classification services have become vital for all businesses.

Human error is now the biggest threat to businesses because the working environment has changed so dramatically. It is now a highly interactive and collaborative environment where a variety of platforms are used for sharing ideas and information. The way data is stored, accessed and used has changed. From SharePoint to smartphones, platforms are diverse and extensive. More and more companies are also embracing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, meaning devices are used for both personal and business use. This shift presents many benefits, but one major drawback is that it leaves companies exposed. IT security departments lack overall control because data is often being handled independently. Businesses can fall victim to accidental loss because employees aren’t trained in the secure handling of data. Additionally, devices can easily be lost or stolen; and what’s more, some of the apps being used will not be designed for corporate use. The potential problems are clear. This is where data classification tools prove invaluable. Through labelling data based on sensitivity, employees gain an increased understanding of data confidentiality, and will think twice whenever handling sensitive data or sending private files. Data classification provides the framework for a successful security policy to be implemented – a policy that includes all employees. This is the only way to deal with the changing threat landscape.

Our Data Classification Model:
Categorise, Label and Protect your data, Achieve Operational Excellence and Fuel Innovation:

Explore how our best-of-breed data classification solutions helps you categorise, label and protect data. Advanced data classification fuses categorisation with labelling to deliver a powerful data protection and governance punch. Enabling organisations to better manage and control their data, streamline operational performance and improve return on technology investment. The future of Data Classification is here.

Data Categorisation

Big data, data governance and data management – these are everyday challenges for all organisations today. Data categorisation with our solutions helps you identify the context as well as content of data, and critically extends classification beyond the security domain to ensure you a holistic view of data.

Security Labelling

Sensitive data is important to identify, to ensure the right people have access to the right data. However, sensitivity is just one dimension of data classification. In order to get the full potential from data classification, and value from your data, you need to combine categorisation with security labelling.

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