Information & Data Privacy - In Healthcare

“Healthcare is a business and, like every other business, it needs good management to keep it running smoothly. The occupation, medical and health services manager, encompasses all individuals who plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of healthcare, medical and health services managers include specialists and generalists. With growing Information Privacy Compliance needs and healthcare getting global - health information or medical record administration needs specialized attention “

Information has a role !

An essential prerequisite for the attainment of the goal of health for all is the continued free flow of information on health and biomedical topics within hospitals various departments , between the Organization and States/Countries.

And hence :

Where and how information and communication technology can contribute to the improvement of health care needs to be identified, documented & planned with diligent Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA). 


What are our core expertise :

  • Development & maintenance of digital medical record keeping infrastructure;
  • Assistance to healthcare institutions to efficiently digitize healthcare records;
  • Raise awareness and create strategy on issues of Confidentiality and privacy;
  • Developing healthcare data handling models to stay complained with the international standards.
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