Our Privacy Management Services

Privacy Virtuoso (PV) has brought together industries-leading expertise in Information Security, Data privacy ,Risk Management & Agile Project Management , hence giving companies everything they need to plan and develop effective Privacy Risk and Data Management solutions. With variety of permutation and combinations of these management techniques ,we provide our clients with the flexible support they need to protect and leverage data across their organization.


For all your services and product development, whether supporting, devloping it operationally or creating a new one from srcatch, Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a decision making tool used by PV to identify, quantify and mitigate information privacy risks. By helping you find the answers of : What Personally Identifiable Information (PII) your organization is processing; Why the PII is being collected; and how will be the  PII collected, used, accessed, shared, safeguarded and stored.


With more than forty years of combined industry experience in global shared services, our team is expert in developing Global Privacy Management Strategy and processes to address a wide range of information and data privacy risks, we engage our clients to avoid cookie cutter approach. Our Consultants can help you understand your new and existing data flows, assess privacy risk associated to it, identify and remediate gaps, build accountability mechanisms, and strengthen privacy programs.


We understand that eventually  it’s your organization’s Human Resources (both as data controller and data processors) who will determine the  success of your Privacy Program  Governance. Without adequate level of awareness and necessary policy/guidelines, the risk of unauthorized disclosures, breaches and faulty system development will always stay on your risk radar. Our training programs can help you to, educate your employees to be more cognizant towards information privacy compliances.


In the world of big data, as they say  “Data is new oil and privacy is new Green” with all the dependencies of business on data and stringent data privacy laws, someone needs to be actively involved in its interpretation and producing a more readily applicable policies for business use. Doing constant due diligence exercise , our team invests rigorous hours every month in such learning exercise, constantly researching for our clients the best and complied way of doing business when it comes to information privacy .

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