Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service is an all-inclusive data protection and privacy service, which allows you to outsource the role of the DPO.

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Data Discovery

In todays era of remote workers, business is frequently conducted in the cloud and file sharing and storage are the norm. This poses a challenge to enterprises that need to know precisely where their sensitive or regulatory data resides. Considering the interconnectivity that exists today between business processes, data is placed in several systems, applications, databases, and shared files, making its protection, authentication, and confidentiality a challenge for enterprises. Data discovery is a solution for identifying a companys data in full and making sure that the appropriate controls are in place for security best practices and regulatory compliance measures.

Data Mapping

Data mapping and inventory are critical components of any privacy program. Understanding how data is flowing through the organization is a pre-requisite to being able to secure the data and analyze the data for risks. Maintaining an inventory also helps organizations more efficiently respond to data subject rights request to delete, correct, access, or port their data.

Data Classification

Data Inventory GDPR Audit & Readiness Check

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